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In-depth and varied content, combined with real-time feedback, is key to the power of NGStudent's Core Skills program. The best part? NGStudent's Core Skills is a guided program with built-in feedback that makes teacher involvement optional!

Academic Resource Options

  • Courses: Academically rigorous and comprehensive online courses.
  • Videos: Supplemental videos apply course material to example questions.
  • Lessons: Targeted lessons are integrated with feedback.

Feedback Options

We use a variety of metrics to provide targeted analysis of student performance. Teacher feedback is optional.

  • Test Summary: Instant feedback on assessments.
  • Test Question Review: Question-by-question analysis.

Testing and Assessment Options

  • Tests: NGStudent's Core Skills program provides a comprehensive suite of structured tests.
  • Quizzes: Our informal assessments ensure students master content.
  • Exercises: Students put their knowledge to use as they work through course material.

Management and Configuration Options

Our student-driven approach makes teacher involvement optional. However, we also provide tools for easy management of student progress.

  • Management and Configuration: NGStudent allows easy management of student work through simple configuration.