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ACT and SAT Test Prep

NGStudent delivers comprehensive ACT® and SAT® test preparation to high schools and individual students through our web-based platform. Our student-driven programs deliver customized learning pathways on an easy-to-use platform. We're here to make college a possibility for all students.

Core Skills Program

NGStudent's Core Skills program helps students build their competence in Reading, Writing, and Math at home or in school. It's specifically designed to help middle and high school students gain content mastery and refresh their knowledge.

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Classroom Program

NGStudent's Classroom program is an all-in-one web-based tool for middle and high school teachers. We provide a rigorous and secure database of testing and instructional materials including tests, courses, lessons, and videos.

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For Home and School

NGStudent's products can empower you at home and in school. Our flexible learning programs help students achieve their goals: every student, every day. Let us help you!

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