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Our secure, customizable, and leveled learning materials are suitable for all students.

Academic Resource Options

Our comprehensive resources provide teachers with valuable materials for day-to-day classroom use.

  • Courses: In-depth and rigorous online courses aligned to state and national standards.
  • Videos: Videos supplement course material.
  • Lessons: Targeted lessons are integrated with student feedback.

Feedback Options

  • Test Summary: Real-time feedback on student assessments.
  • Test Question Review: Question-by-question analysis.

Testing and Assessment Options

NGStudent's Classroom program provides access to thousands of secure questions, answers, and explanations which are easily integrated into your classroom.

  • Tests: Create custom or auto-generated tests.
  • Quizzes: Create custom or auto-generated quizzes.
  • Exercises: Targeted assessments as students work through course materials.

Scheduling Options

  • Scheduling: Short-range and long-range planning allow for easy creation of lesson plans.