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We've designed our Classroom program to help teachers surpass standards for effective teaching. With student growth as our goal, we've put planning, delivery, and assessment materials at teachers' fingertips.


  • Tailor lesson plans based on student performance data.
  • Create long-term or short-range schedules to deliver material customized to personalized learning plans.
  • Easily align classroom lessons to local and state standards.
  • Generate tests and quizzes quickly using our secure database.


  • Use NGStudent's Classroom program on any device−independently, as part of a group, or during class activities.
  • Push material of varying difficulty and formats to diverse learners.
  • Reinforce learning goals with varied online materials.
  • Engage students in active learning with instructional videos.


  • Create diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments.
  • Save assessments for later use or edit them for use with other classes.
  • Use multiple feedback mechanisms to view student test results at-a-glance.
  • Manage student performance with student reports and metrics.