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NGStudent's Core Skills program helps students build their competence in Reading, Writing, and Math, promoting greater understanding of these key areas. Our directed, all-inclusive web-based platform is specifically designed to help middle school students learn key skills and help high school students refresh their knowledge. NGStudent’s Core Skills program provides all the content students need to boost their Reading, Writing, and Math abilities and enhance their overall academic profile.

The Core Skills program meets students where they are with an initial diagnostic assessment. NGStudent’s easy-to-use platform then tailors the learning materials that are delivered to students based on their diagnostic assessment results, targeting areas of weakness. Students are guided through a personalized learning pathway to build their knowledge in Reading, Writing, and Math. Built-in feedback at every stage allows students to continually analyze their personal growth. In addition, benchmark assessments measure students’ improvement in each subject. The great news is that the Core Skills program can be undertaken at home or school: it's up to you!

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