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NGStudent provides a great resource for students, parents, and teachers to help students prepare for the ACT. The NGStudent platform provides students with realistic testing environments, information about the different types of passages, strategies to use on the passages, and opportunities for students to monitor their progress. The NGStudent platform scaffolds instruction for students, who can attack the ACT at their own pace, and monitor their progress in an easy to use platform that provides feedback on everything, including timing.
- Elizabeth Lehnertz, Science Teacher, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago IL

NGStudent is a terrific educational resource for teachers, students, parents, and schools alike. It can help supplement classroom instruction or stand alone for a home school setting. With this program, students work through each subject area to gain concept mastery before proceeding to test-taking skills in preparation for the SAT or ACT. By starting with a diagnostic test, this site gives students a chance to start working where they need help, not repeating things they already know. Each student receives individual reports with item analysis for each test they take during the course. We know that students learn best by analyzing their mistakes, and NGStudent capitalizes on that perfectly. NGStudent is the epitome of differentiated instruction and meeting students' needs where they are.
- Katy Turner, Math Teacher, Richardson West Junior High, Richardson, TX